at the noodle place again

19 07 2007

it’s one of the quiet, family-owned ones, where the husband sits at the desk where you pay for the greasy noodles you just consumed, and the wife sweats into the noodles she’s cooking. today, it’s beef noodles with a sobbing girl on the radio talking about cutting herself to get a reaction from her distant parents.
why? why is there such distance between us all now? when did this begin?but the old man sitting with the owner of the shop reminisces about the days when a bowl of really good noodles cost nothing more than 50¢. it is as though there were a gaping chasm between this generation and the previous one. where is the bridge?

and now the girl is talking about how Jesus has saved her from that, and how she was touched by a caring teacher and brought to church by her. amazing, that hope is so unexpected. but when it’s found…you really find it difficult to do ought but sell all your possessions to own it. speech does not do it justice.




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