it is breaking apart at the very seams

26 07 2007

“there is nothing better than knowing we are redeemed…and this one thought is unmistakable, to take up my cross and follow you Lord…i’m forgiven by a Saviour who did not deserve death, He was blameless, i was lost in shamefulness. i’m delivered, but it doesn’t seem right, unless i keep my eyes focused on the Saviour who gave His life…when you stand the tall trees and mountains bow, when you speak the fiercest of oceans is still, and i see the sinner seek devotion, the lost become chosen and i fall to my knees…”the drawing was done by one little boy such a long, long time ago and whilst being overwhelmed by the song, the truth remains that the greatest truth we could ever know is that God loved…loves…enough to die…for us.

because yes, we may be lazy, addicted, overweight, self-absorbed, childish, selfish, cowardly…but we are, also, so loved. so loved. so loved.

oh, that we would indeed know the price that was on our heads, that this redemption, like the ones constantly ongoing in our supermarkets, came none too cheaply. oh, that we would so understand that we are so dearly loved that there would be no room for hesitation, no room for anything but gratitude and joy…that kind that passes all understanding…and which is infectious and contagious, but all in good ways. that we would become peoples who seek to serve, to care for others, to enjoy this world and all that is in it, to…love…and rest in the knowledge that we are loved by the only one whose love really matters.

because when He stands, the “tall trees and mountains bow,” and when He speaks, the “fiercest of oceans is still.”

so why can’t we see God unless He’s been shrunk down several sizes? why can’t we know God unless He’s been watered down? maybe, just maybe what it is is that His voice is so loud that we have to be completely still just so we can hear it…




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