a moment of relief

10 01 2008

the doctor said that it’s all clear now, and he’ll get better. what a relief. his importance hit me afresh tonight. i’ve never had difficulty with my dad and as much as it is cliched and makes me feel old to say it, my dad has been nothing but supportive, patient and kind throughout the years. he’s the best father anyone could have and everything i hope and pray to find in a husband in future. my daddy shows me every day what a good person can do in life. the effect and impact he has on the people he encounters is astonishing, and his humour is unceasing. i sincerely pray that any children i might have, or call my own, in the future, will have the fortune of having a father like mine. i can’t imagine life without him: he defends his family, supports his children, loves his wife through thick and thin, cares for those less fortunate than himself, is influential but not overpoweringly so…

i think i have gushed enough now. but i just can’t seem to stop. i’ve been talking about my parents with my doctor recently, and he’s been cautioning me. i don’t want to listen.

but tomorrow is friday, and it’ll be the weekend just around the corner. when i think of God, i sometimes think that meeting God would be kind of like marvellous, but i can’t help thinking also that God has really blessed me with a father that echoes His love for me through his every word and action. i’ve heard it said that our fathers can show us what God is like, and although some fathers do not behave the way God intended for them to behave, i’m so incredibly grateful to God that my daddy has been a father to countless people during the time i’ve been mature enough or cared enough to observe it.

the weekend is approaching, which means solid rock! i’m so amazed that something so small can do so much. i’m amazed that God just keeps loving on His people, even when His people are not doing what they should. i’m humbled and amazed that i should be trusted to be in the position of a leader at this amazing youth group, with such amazing young people. sometimes i wonder if i’m in love with this age group and i’m teaching high school because i’m in love with the youth at the youth group. maybe it’s a bit of both. either way, i feel spoilt tonight. and delirious. the Lord is totally good! 😀




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