are we hungry yet?

13 01 2008

we went to a church in tai po this morning and it was interesting. the sermon was alright, but it was the one hour bible study afterwards that we really enjoyed. it’s weird to realise that this morning, i felt fed for the first time in a long time.

but i have been going to church, to youth group and reading books and singing along to some really good songs in the car, so i’ve been feeling alright, sort of. but it’sbeen hard at times too, especially when the realisation hits that this isn’t all right, and the way i’m feeling is actually pretty close to hunger, maybe starvation at times. i was talking last night with one of the youth about this, and i think what i was trying to get across during the talk stirred some things up for people, myself included. it’s tough, isn’t it?

why is it like this sometimes, that we feel we don’t/can’t get fed at church and it takes either a rude awakening or a deep need for something more? why isn’t simply being at His house and being with brothers and sisters, His children, enough? this isn’t a question about how (un)spiritual God’s people seem these days; it’s just something i’ve been feeling recently. i didn’t realise just how hungry i was until last night’s image of a water dispenser that dispenses nothing. if we’re not full of Jesus, then there’s no way we could release His passion, compassion and love into a hurting, desperate world.

the bible study talked about the first ten verses of galatians, and even though they’re just the introduction and opening, the words paul writes are passionate and real: there’s no sense of him trying to step lightly and avoid hurting people’s feelings. the words he uses are strong, because the message is strong. the gospel will offend people, but if we’re going to water it down, then we’re also watering down the truth of the message of Jesus. He died so we could be free. there’s nothing bigger or more important than this.


so how full have you been?

but i was watching this, and its truth resonates in my soul. all of You is more than enough for me, Lord.




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