Nothing to lose

27 01 2008

I was moved by the sermon this morning, that said that we have nothing to lose, and nothing to prove before God, since He knows it all anyway. This used to feel awfully restrictive: if He knows everything, then there is no such thing as privacy, and no such thing as breathing space because there’s nowhere where we can be alone, or quiet. But in reality, the greatest freedom is in knowing that we are known. If there is no fear that our failures and pasts and mistakes and weaknesses are seen, but we’re loved regardless of them, or maybe because of them, because we’re made to be perfect but so often fall short, and like a patient parent, we’re loved through the tumbles and scrapes that bring us closer to maturity, then we can know that there’s nothing we could confess to God that would make Him turn His face from us. I’m talking with one of the youth about this, and she said, “we don’t have to pretend to be ‘somebody’ – we already are! By being honest, being people of integrity, being completely open.”

I love that every conversation with young people ends in edification, somehow. I love that when we give what we get from God back to Him, He gives us so much more than we could have expected.

And look what I found on YouTube! Gumby… ah, good times. Seriously old school TV.




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