And this is how we’re made

3 02 2008

Tonight, when I had some quiet time, I got to thinking about how we’re so different. There were some international people from HKU, some people from church, a few people from Sherin’s year at Shatin College, and a few others not so easy to classify. We were all at the same dinner, talking to the same people, because of the connection we had, the one person we all knew – Sherin. And even though there were a number of awkward moments in various conversations around the two tables, the different people all had one things in common, so no matter how uncomfortable or how weird the moment was, underneath all of it, the purpose for why we were all there together was felt. I loved that because it showed me that even though we may have different purposes in life, or different backgrounds, or different interpretations of the Bible, or whatever, we still have one thing in common, and that is Who made and loves us.

I was reminded recently about the five love languages which I was given on my 21st birthday, and how we each “speak” a different love “language,” which is the way we feel love in a comprehensible, tangible manner. It’s just amazing to me that sometimes, when we clash, it’s not because we’re so different from each other, but just that maybe it’s not quite the right language or whatever. I love that God speaks them all.





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