Where did the Pig go?

7 02 2008

The Year of the Pig in the Lunar calendar has passed, and today is New Year’s Day (年初一). So far, it’s been a noisy one. We woke up to the sound of firecrackers (this is, after all, a New Territories village area that we’re living in) and we’ve had laughter and frying sounds, not to mention a comedy on the television playing over a late lunch.

I’m killing time on the Internet for when I have to go down and make dumplings (水餃). It’s a family tradition, and a phone call from one of the youth last night for “an interview about Chinese culture” got me thinking about family traditions. No matter how Chinese or un-Chinese a family is, there are always some things that are done for every Lunar New Year celebration.


I love it. Although, of course, the dumplings we make are much prettier and most likely tastier too. If I remember to take pictures I’ll post some up here. Sometimes I really love the fusion-Chinese culture we’ve been brought up in.

Family is so important to me. If only I could articulate it better…

Check out the Chinese characters I used in this post – man, I love Babel Fish and the Chinese Character Dictionary.




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