Lent ’08

10 02 2008

I’m fasting Facebook for Lent this year, and for people who know me, it’s clear why I chose to fast Facebook. Yes, it’s an excellent way to connect with the youth, but I was spending far too much time on it, and it was one of the first things I’d check once I woke up in the morning. So much was I devoted to it, in fact, that I never got around to reading my Bible, which I take with me everywhere. It got so bad with the Facebook that I subscribed to an Internet access plan with limitless size access just so I could get Facebook on the go too.

To help this fast get on its way, I even set up a filter on my Gmail so that any email with ‘Facebook’ or ‘Super Wall’ or ‘T-Shirt Gifts’ as its sender would immediately get sent to the Bin. And so, since the 6th, I’ve had an average of 3 emails a day only. It’s been kind of quiet, to be honest.

And then I made the mistake of checking my Bin just now. There are over 50 emails in there, and I just itched to get into Facebook to have a look around at what people have been putting on my wall, on other people’s walls, comments on my photos, or photos tagged of me… many minutes can be wasted in this way.

So it’s just got me thinking about how much time I have been spending on Facebook. I have to say – it’s a RIDICULOUS amount of time! If the purpose of fasting things for Lent is to bring us into a closer awareness of the presence of Christ in our lives, and to understand a little more of the things He endured for our hearts to come closer, I’m not saying that fasting Facebook is the same in magnitude, but in terms of how I’ve been neglecting so many other things for this ‘social network,’ it’s really opened my eyes. Today has been one eye-opening experience after another. It’s been bizarre.

So what are you fasting this season?




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