What does Jesus mean?

11 02 2008

The message of Jesus is an entirely relational one: getting to know Him and knowing God by getting to know Jesus’ heart are key aspects of the story. If we remove this all-important aspect from our ideas for evangelism, then we’ve removed something crucial. How does anyone ever come to Christ thinking He’s a chair to be sat on, or a jacket to be worn (where people invite others to come to know Christ through comparing Him to a chair or a jacket that provides something theoretical, but “it takes faith to actually sit down/put it on and expect their purposes to be carried out.”

Jesus is not a chair, or a jacket, or a cap, or a pair of sunglasses.

I’ve been realising how much of my thinking about Jesus and God substitutes Jesus and God for a magic genie type of character, where my wish is His command.

Forgive me.





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