We’re after Your heart…

12 02 2008

I read this article a while back about how a bunch of students got tired of a kid in their year getting picked on for wearing a pink shirt that they got a whole bunch of pink shirts, gave them out on campus and brought change to their school.

Here’s a song by Phil Wickham called ‘After Your Heart’:

Can I have your attention
What are we starting here
Just look around you the answer is clear
Listen, listen and hear the coming sound
All of the children are singing it loud
Let’s be the revolution
That lives for holding nothing back, nothing back
We’re after Your heart, after Your heart
All of the walls now are breaking apart
Live like we see it love like we mean it
This is the start we’re after Your heart
Start the ascension
Begin the holy climb
Up to where heaven and the earth collide
Bring your affection
All that you have inside
Enter the kingdom and become alive
Love with no condition
It lives for holding nothing back, nothing back
Oh let’s go higher and higher
Hear the song of the free Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Lift your soul join with the choir
Sing the song, let it ring
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
We’re after Your heart never going to stop until we reach You

I can’t believe that God lets me be a leader for this amazing youth group every week. I can’t believe that God trusts me to lead and learn at Solid Rock every week. I can’t believe that He’d let me get to know the amazing people who have come to know Solid Rock as home.

Gracias, Papa Dios.


And I have the Spirit in me. I can’t believe that I’m so blessed.




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9 07 2017

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