Last night, something heard.

14 02 2008

About last night, a classmate turned around suddenly and said to me that she’d been talking about me. My first reaction (internal) was, “Dude… what?” but then she went on to say that I was the most mature twenty-something year-old she’d spoken to, even more mature than she was when she was my age. She’s a lawyer by profession, but just loves comparative literature. I’m so grateful that I’m on this course, not just because of the opportunities afforded me, and what I’ve learned so far, but because of the people I’ve met and got to talking with. There could be more relationships being built, but it’s still early days yet. I have hope 🙂

She also said that she really understood why I’d want to study Christian studies, which I’d shared with her before, and become a youth worker, because I had a gift of letting people trust me, and she said that she felt really calm when speaking to me.

Being a keeper of secrets, which is not necessarily a good thing, brought a time of peace last night, and a wonderful feeling of thankfulness.

I’m watching American Graffiti for class next Wednesday. It’s a good feeling; reminds me of the heady, crazy days of high school. I’m glad it’s over now, but some of those those days were happy. It’s funny how much we experience when we’re still in school, and how much of the years immediately after it we’re still talking about the people and events from school.

I like that the film touches on so many themes: relationships, cars, power struggles, sex, age differences, wanting what you can’t have… It’s definitely one of George Lucas’ best. Redeems him for the Star Wars trilogy, I think. Juuuust kidding. Sure.




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