Wish things were different?

26 02 2008

It was the last day for Form Five today, and it’s been a kind of emotional one, where tears have been cried, gifts exchanged, cards signed, pictures taken, farewells said… too much. Too much…

Right now, in another window, I’m watching Goodbye Lenin! for class tomorrow. It’s a good film. I like the interplay between the relationships of the characters with th country, and especially the responsibility Alex feels towards his mother. I can well understand the the choking sense of duty and yet, somehow, the great and all-cncompassing love he has for her.

And I love that the mother loves her son and all he tries to do for her, but I wonder if Lara did tell her. Is it better to live in blissful oblivion of ignorance, or is it better if Lara told her, and she knew what the country she so loved had become? The fact that Alex is the one who lives in bliss, without knowing the truth… earlier in the film, he said that he thought of the new version of Berlin as being his version of Berlin, perhaps… is there a fool in this film?




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