Share your music

29 02 2008


Share Your Music

God gave us each our own music
and the world to be our stage
but most of us are living
with our music still unplayed

This gift that we are given
is ours to use if we dare
it is our greatest tool
to show how much we care

“Martin” shared his music
gave us all a dream
his message was very simple
“Let Freedom Ring”

“John” stood up and played his music
the song he shared was true
“Don’t ask your country to make things right
ask instead what YOU can do”

A diminutive committed lady
so fragile and so weak
“Teresa” touched every nation
each time that she would speak

A simple comic and actor
he shared his special song
“Bob” lifted up our spirits
from World War II to Vietnam

One song was sung so long ago
that’s been shared throughout the years
a “Carpenter” gave His music
that will save all those who hear

Your music has the power
our futures in our hands
never doubt that words can change the world
it’s the only thing that ever has

-Jim Serviolo




One response

1 03 2008

“never doubt that words can change the world
it’s the only thing that ever has”

pretty much agree with this sentence. for better or worse, everyday we’re playing a game of “words”. it’s all about politics and even in our academic world. sometimes i found the essays that we’re reading futile in the sense that they’re not sth new but just the same ideas written in a set of different words =_=”

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