The junior singing contest 2007-2008

14 03 2008

My students have been busy preparing for the Junior Singing Contest, and have cried, laughed and just generally tried their best. And now, because of the fear of the mysterious ‘flu that seems very quickly to be transforming into an epidemic, it’s been postponed until who knows. There were quick shouts of outrage and surprise and not a few students who are upset with the arrangements, and I fully understand. They’ve come back to school early most mornings, and have used every single spare minute to practice the song that talks of how much they love the school, and how united they are as a group.

I feel for them. The president of the class has been tearfully trying to control them all, a class of 44, to get the song and dance in order, and now they’ll have to do it all over again.

It’s disturbing how disrupted life gets when you’ve planned it all out.

But then, today’s quote is something by Robert Burdette:

There are two days in the week about which I never worry. Two carefree days, kept sacredly free from fear and apprehension. One of these days is yesterday – and the other is tomorrow.

So we’ve learned.


And these are the things which I have to do this weekend:

  1. Start and finish my midterm paper for Postmodernism, on the representation of Female;
  2. Mark 90 Form 5 Mock Exam scripts – all essay writing;
  3. Mark a class and a half of compositions from my Form 3s;
  4. Try to mark the Listening Assessments from my 2 Form 3 classes;
  5. Get a birthday present for James and make sure I attend his birthday thing, which I’ve apparently never been able to and which I’ve promised I would this year;
  6. Prepare to teach the past simple and past continuous tenses, making sure students don’t confuse them with the future continuous or other tenses; and
  7. Prepare extra practice exercises for my Form 3s to help get them in gear for the 2nd Organised Test, which starts a week after the Easter holidays, from 20th – 27th March.


I’ve been really thinking about some things, with music and art being on the top of this list. A couple of days ago, I found a pretty good radio station on iTunes, under Alternative, called TheBlast.FM. It’s been really great for the kind of music I want and need right now.

I started writing this post before I left for substitution (some colleagues are on sick leave – no wonder the hysteria) and after substitution, I felt the Chapel call to me as I waited for the lift back to the Staff Room. I spent just under half an hour in there, and I feel peaceful, mellow. There’s a lot to do, but I’m not alone in it – there are people who have the same, if not larger, amount of work as I, and sometimes, I feel like I know I’m troubled, and that’s why I give myself an excuse. That’s why I need forgiveness so much.




One response

13 06 2008

Great show..Hope this would be a challenge to the participants.
Also see the competitions listed out

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