Post Easter Sunday discussions

23 03 2008

I heard something very encouraging after church today, that one of the youth who doesn’t come to Solid Rock on a regular basis went home last night and told his family about what happened, which was really surprising for the parents too, because he is usually really reticent about what goes on at youth group. I was so blessed by the conversation I had this morning, as brief as it was. Afterwards, we went to lunch at the “proper” Japanese place, and getting there, and then being there, and getting to Shatin and stuff was all good. Amanda and I had a good chat, and it was a very nice, chilled out day today.

I believe that sometimes, we go to church as much for the friendship as we do the worship, and it’s all wonderful in God’s eyes, because we’re doing what He’s made us to do. And the way we’ve been made is perfect in His eyes – there is nothing about our eyes, nose, ears, face, body or anything else that He would change about us, because He digs us this way.

He is risen indeed!




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