There are no words.

18 04 2008

Just sorrow that seems to show so much more.

I am speaking at Solid Rock tomorrow night, but have no topic yet. The message about F.L.U.T.E. is one that is close to my heart right now, the ideas of forgiveness, love, understanding, tolerance, empathy… they are so necessary, and I’ve learned with acronyms and short bites of truth, which have come at the right time, and been recalled at the right time. I’ve been edified and convicted by the times it’s happened.

And another one that has impressed itself upon me is Shane Claiborne’s quote from The Irresistible Revolution:

Love God, love people, and follow Jesus.

Because that’s what love, and life, is about. There is nothing else that matters, and there is no situation that this cannot apply to. That’s what I find wonderful, and full of wonder.

The seminar on inspiring students to write poetry was a very good one, and I learned a lot. It was so good to feel academic in a way that was effortless. The lecturer was one I learned under when I was doing my BA. Her message was so… inspiring. She was so enthusiastic about the subject of poetry, and creative writing. It’s a beautiful thing to see someone’s eyes light up with heat about a topic they feel passionate about. I used to feel that way about a lot of things, but lately, it’s been harder to set it afire.

Things can and will get better though. I received a good email today.




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