There it goes!!!

20 04 2008

Restlessness from yesterday seemed to flow over into the service this morning, and I just couldn’t concentrate. It appalled me how critical of everything I felt, and I was disgusted at myself. Why is it so easy to become like this? It was also really easy to blame the medication on my mood this morning. I think it may be that I’m coming to terms with not needing to be the life of the party, or the centre of attention, or the I’m-super-happy-la-la-la person in the group. It’s liberating to be relaxed sometimes, and not feel pressured to be… something.

On TV right now, there’s a popular local game show called Super Trio Supreme and sometimes it’s hilarious, but other times it’s just absurd. Which, for some, ostensibly would also be hilarious. The four thick-skinned hosts invite various B-list celebrities and starlets and torture them on celluloid to canned and studio-recorded laughter and an assortment of comical sound effects.

And of course there’s class tomorrow night, and I’m not looking forward to it because I’m just so tired, and have yet to write the two papers that will be due too soon. I’m writing the first one on Big Fish (2003) and The Sun Also Rises (2007), which are great in their own ways, and there is a lot that could be discussed. The hardest thing is probably going to be trying to sort the ideas that are really worth discussing from the trash of sentiment. Which, of course, is my natural response. It makes a paper much more interesting to write, but about three times less interesting to read.

We’ll see, shall we. Most likely I’ll go to class tomorrow. There’s no good reason not to 😀




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