What’s a bad idea?

3 05 2008
  1. Napping for too long in the afternoon so you can’t sleep at night.
  2. Stacking books you will “read later” so there’s a huge stack to move later on when tidying up. 
  3. Napping with your contacts in and nearly forgetting about them so you think by some miracle your sight is 20/20 again.
  4. Thinking too much and bottling it all up so when it’s finally released you’re so drained you find it hard to move.
  5. Saying things you think may be a good idea at the time but which, on hindsight, really isn’t…
  6. Leaving your assignments till the last possible instant.
  7. Snacking too much during the afternoon so you spoil your appetite for dinner, and it just so happens to be really good.



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