A long evening

2 06 2008

The school day ended, and I went to uni to hand in all the books I’d borrowed for my term papers before they became overdue. At the university where I’m doing post-grad studies (because I am such as glutton for punishment), there’s a good system that you can recall a book you want, even if someone’s just borrowed it, and they have a few days to return it. If not, they get fined. It’s a good system unless someone wants a book you’ve waited for for a long time. Then it’s a pain in the behind.

The quote of the day, something that just strikes me from time to time, is by Bo Bennett:

“Success is not in what you have, but who you are.”

And it’s true of our identity too… who cares if you have the latest gadgets, and the most expensive toys currently on the market, if you are just a shell? If there’s nothing that we’re contributing to the world, and we’re not able to present the light of Christ on this broken, hurting world, then who are we to do anything at all?





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