Don’t give up on love

9 06 2008

It was the last day of the long weekend, and I have appreciated again how wonderful much God blesses us with clear skies when we’re feeling down, with shade when we’re feeling tired, with the laughter of children playing in their self-absorbed way when we’re feeling self-absorbed.

This morning, we picked up the sister from the airport after her tour in Kazakhstan against “butch girls” and escorts. As I waited for her at the Arrivals Hall, I thought to myself how great the airport was – it’s people at their most basic forms; their emotions frazzled and tempers rising but also their joys coming more easily to the surface as people they love and who love them pick them up from the various different locations they’ve spent time in… it’s a marvellous thing, that all these people are in transit, or back to where they belong. The ecstatic hugs and enthusiastic welcomes… nice.

It’s all about life, and where we are at a certain moment. Because it’s all there is – the moment where we realise that there is something bigger than our fears, our anxieties, our hopes… there is something bigger, and infinitely more important, more worthy. I found the illustration below quite interesting. What else are we striving for?

I’ve found that as I’ve grown older, my fears come more easily to the surface, and I’m more vulnerable to insecurities, where once I would have leapt head-first. Now, I find caution my second nature, and whilst there are many situations where I am myself, and the way God made me, I find it more easy to lapse into the voice that asks, “Can I do this? Am I capable of doing this? Is there a point to doing this?” rather than the voice that once easily said, “Let’s go!”

So what am I striving for? Is it so easy to say that I’m always living for the growth of the Kingdom, and the love of Christ to be brought to the world? It’s easier on some days than others, and I find that bringing Christ to the world is a different thing altogether to the everyday sort. Does that make any sense at all? I’m not so sure, sometimes.

I guess it’s easy to search for the easy way out. Why else would the adjective be used so… easily?




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