What to do in case of…

9 07 2008

I found this by way of nakedpastor, and it made me think. I’ve been considering my role at Solid Rock, and what I want/need to let God work with. Because once I give it all to Him, the heavens are going to explode, because He is that great. The best thing about the list below is that it’s called “10 Little Pieces of Advice to Take or Leave” – that’s what’s so good about the list, because that’s what we listen to, what we hear. So here it is:

  • Lead leaderlessly. That is, lead in a non-leading kind of way. Serve. Step out of the leadership position continually. Perpetually. Create the vacuum for others to lead and serve.
  • Don’t go anywhere. No goal. No destiny. No vision. Keep it real and keep it present. You either serve the vision or you serve the people.
  • Don’t ever think of the “church” as some kind of entity ASIDE from the real flesh and blood people that constitute it. The church isn’t the entity, even though it wants to be and constantly endeavors to be.
  • Allow worship and expression of all sorts to be indigenous. Never think of worship as instruction. It is God-ward, not human-ward.
  • If prayer is always in the form of a song and never said or read, so be it.
  • Allow freedom of expression, even if it’s going to be weird, uncomfortable, and questionable. Judge it afterwards. Yes, when done with mutual respect, we do get used to this honest and authentic form of dialog and learning.
  • Let sinners play too.
  • Question everything.
  • Never be overly impressed with another person. No one is good but God alone.
  • Don’t be afraid to kill the mood. Always be honest and free, no matter how uncomfortable you might cause others to feel.




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