My first real experience of John Mayer

18 07 2008

I spent too much money on clothes, shoes and bags today, but one of the things I got were a couple of John Mayer’s oldish CDs from HMV. I am loving Room For Squares (2001), and as I opened the plastic wrapping, I had all these thoughts about how all that plastic wrapping is ridiculous and excessive, but also part of the experience of getting a CD, which, when I was younger, was a relatively-major luxury as I had to tutor and do other little things to earn money and I had to pay for all this kind of stuff by myself. But anyhow, flipping through the liner notes and glancing at the lyrics, smelling the smell of the new purchase and so on… that’s all lost with digital downloads.

But then they do make so much more sense, don’t they? Unwrapping 3 layers of plastic to get to the disc so that you can record it to put into your mp3 player just seems a bit dumb. So I did a bit of searching around the WWW and found this website that has some ideas on what to do with those CDs, of which I have so many they’re cluttering up the space beneath my bed and collecting dust.

Buuuuut… the songs on Continuum (2006) are making me very chilled out right now… I like.

I met up with my pastor’s wife this morning, we ended up chatting over coffees for 3 hours. It was marvellous to be able to talk about stuff I haven’t been able to articulate. Probably boring-as for her though… Aiya. Why does life have to be so hard? I’m determined to make changes though, and I’m going to find my life.


This weekend’s going to be quite busy, I think, but no more money is to be spent other than on essentials.




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