Today at the doctor’s

21 07 2008

Didn’t end up going to Macau as it took all morning trying to open up a new bank account at Hang Seng. Man, their procedures are dumb. They asked me for my nationality, so I said British, and then they asked for my passport. When I said that I didn’t have it with me, they replied, “Okay, since you have a permanent residents’ ID card, we can write that your nationality is Hong Kong Chinese or just Chinese. Would you like us to do that?” Seriously??

The ramifications of that snippet of conversation… I wasn’t aware we could just write anything for our nationality on a form…

The whole thing just frustrated and confused me. This is what I wanted to do:

But since I’m 25 years-old now, it’s kind of embarassing to bare my ass to all and sundry in the local bank. So this is what I reminded myself of instead:

Because it’s true – when we realise that God created people in His image, we can honour each other, and we’re bringing something good back into this world. It just happens when we are respecting the image of God in each other. That’s all it takes to forget about cultural, wealth, age, height, background or whatever other kinds of differences.

Before the bank, I had to visit the doctor for a refilled prescription, as I’ve run out of the pink ones for the past couple of days (but I’ve been fine. Just a bit angry at times, but at least not down like I was before). He said I’ve grown a lot since I first went to him, and said that I’d be down to a quarter of a pill at a time – 5mg of Paroxetine, as opposed to 20mg. I was very happy to hear about that, although I’ll still be on full dosage at night. I also told him about the biggest issue with my mother right now, and he said he’d try and have a word with her the next time I came, to give it all a bit of time.

But it’s amazing the difference a bit of hope makes. My whole day became much more enjoyable, and I’m almost looking forward to the next time I see him.

It’s important for me that things are clear, and that emotions are discussed, rather than hidden. Sooner or later it all comes out, and when it does, it becomes very messy, the longer it’s kept hidden.

I’m preparing the talk for Solid Rock this week. I’m excited. It’s hard work though, stalking people… That’s all I’m saying about that 😀




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