Speaking about love

26 07 2008

At Solid Rock tonight, the talk was about love, and what we do with it. The video was probably the best part of it, because I am so inarticulate. I wish I could really speak sometimes, because that would really help gets points across more effectively. I’m not the most succinct of writers, or speakers, and this really affects what I’m trying to get across. I guess there are times when I’m on a roll and the points are coming out fine, but it’s one thing to write lengthy missives, because people can stop reading at any time, but it’s quite a different thing altogether when it’s what’s being said, and it drags on and on and on… I think that’s something of what God was trying to teach to me when we were at the fundraiser, and one part of it went on too long, and I was complaining… one of those things we see in others so easily and neglect to see in ourselves… I can’t help but marvel at just how to the point and how rightthe Bible is sometimes – how could Jesus have known exactly what to say, and when to say it?? When Jesus talks about removing the plank from our own eye before talking about the speck of dust in someone else’s… man, that is something powerful and convicting. I only wish I had remembered that lesson before complaining that week. Here’s something I found on one of the blogs I subscribe to – it made me think:

So to finish what I was thinking about a couple of nights ago, I’ve been having some good conversations, along the lines of what God wants us to do when we’re with people, and fellowshipping and stuff. It’s what’s real, when we’re hanging out with people, and having fun, and chatting, and laughing, and talking about real things that we’re stressed about, or happy about, or whatever, it really just fulfils part of what God wants of us. I think that’s what faith is, because it’s what we’re doing to grow, and even if we’re not explicitly trying to grow in our faith, that’s what happens anyway. What else can happen when you’re talking with people you love talking with, and you’re talking about where you are in life, and your hopes, and dreams, and fears and excitements about the future? And what’s beautiful about that is that although some of what we were talking about raised more questions than anything, it made everyone think – about their faith, about what it means to love, and especially about what we should do with the knowledge that we have now, about certain things.

Because I think that’s really important, that we just hearing about stuff, or even learning it, doesn’t matter for crap unless something is done about it. But if I had to think about what exactly I would do with the knowledge, I think I’d go a bit nutty because of the magnitude of it. Rather, I have to think about the awareness of the issue that’s in question, and go from there. Because once I become aware of something, man alive, I become really aware of it.

Oh and this is a picture of the noodle place we went to when we were in China. I could not stop staring at the guy who was making the noodles, because he was just so skilled at it, and the fact that he seemed so much in his element, like he was really enjoying what he was doing, really just blessed me.




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