Jumping Gym in Hong Kong

28 07 2008

The other day, we went to Jumping Gym because we do stuff like that from time to time. This picture I took does not do the amount of chaos in there justice:

A part of me really understands why so many people will slot endless amounts of money in the form of tokens into the machines where the probability of winning is quite low, but there’s a larger part of me who stands to one side, looking on in shock that the feral side of normally-sane adults comes out to play so easily. This is childhood redeemed, and relived.

Tomorrow is the last day of the summer holidays for me, and I’m looking forward to getting back to work as I’ve kind of been stagnating with just shopping and surfing the Internet when I’m not meeting up with people or watching movies. The other day in the newspaper there was a letter to the editor questioning why the summer holiday wasn’t cut short by far since children had nothing better to do than laze around in front of the computer or glue themselves to the various handheld devices at their disposal. I smiled at the time, and thought to myself, “What a misguided person the writer is…”

I need to tidy up my wardrobe. The clothes are starting to spill out, like they have a life of their own, and as though every shred of their being cried out for freedom from the confines of the wardrobe.




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