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3 08 2008

I saw the following post by Stuart Delony this afternoon, written as a response to Leeland’s video on YouTube about going the opposite way to society. It’s an angry kind of post, but it’s passionate. Stuart’s point is that Jesus did the whole counter-tradition and assumptions thing, and I’m in the middle of thinking about it all. Interesting questions need to be asked.

It’s another one of those rah rah statements you always hear floating around youth groups. For those of you who don’t know, Leland is  a girl pant wearing emo Christian whine rockers. Here’s a statement by the band meant to rally youth to live an “opposite way.” Not to be the jerk here, but this sounds good but doesn’t mean anything.

If Lealand wanted to live the opposite way, they’d give their CD’s away for free, tour for free and just hang out with people and share Jesus. It’s easy for bands to preach to kids about living differently when they themselves are living a capitalistic dream.

Are we called to live different? Yes. Is this the way? Nope.

A missions trip to Africa is the answer? If we’re wanting to be different, the answer then is moving to Africa and investing well in the people there. When the Lord says he wants our life he means all of it. Giving your life over doesn’t mean bringing your Bible to work. It’s doing something that you’re completely devoted to for the Lord.

Do you see what I’m saying? Or am I just rambling?

This whole thing is well intentioned, but never lasts. It’s like the experience you have at camp. Kids come home ready to be different, and then when the “camp high” is over, lives moves on as it was.

For them to ask us to live differently, the need to be willing to journey there as well – and I don’t see that happening. They’ll keep playing more shows, pumping out more CD’s and making loads of cash, riding the Chri$tian Marketing Culture lifestyle. Christian Culture isn’t counter culture. It’s religious culture. Christ WAS counter culture, not religious- he left that for the Pharisees in pink sweaters.

The link for this article is here. I’ll be writing more about this, because the message of it is going to be my focus for this week.

Here’s the video:





2 responses

5 08 2008

Not meant to be angry. Cynical is more like it…

5 08 2008

Oh and thanks for the mention, hopefully it facilitates conversation…

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