On books

18 08 2008

I love reading. I love books. I love the smell of them, the feel of them, the weight of them. I love bookmarks to be put into books. I love the smooth spines of new books. I love the crinkled spines of old books. I love the characters in the books, the situations, the conflicts, the resolutions, the voices in the books… I don’t think there’s anything about books I don’t like about books.

Have I said too much? 🙂




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24 08 2008
Cathy Eichelberger

I am thrilled with your comments. As an educator and an author of Children’s Literature, it is refreshing to see your ideas on line. Please consider reading my latest book “Good? Grief! ” by Cathy Temple Eichelberger. I think you and all of the children in your life will enjoy it.

10 10 2009

I LOVE BOOKS!!!!!! i love the way you can just get lost in them. they way you get taken to a diffrent world. were the rules in reality dont apply. thats why i also love writting. so i can make anything i want happen.

14 10 2009

No, you’re on the right way, nothing develops us better than reading. Very good post, thanks.

4 11 2009

Books are an absolutely wonderful thing and I am not just saying that because I own a bookstore. If only more people were as passionate about books as we seem to be here than the world would not have to worry about the Kindles taking over. How can a plastic computer with a screen every give anyone the same texture, feeling and sensation as a real book does. Have you ever noticed how the pages in every book are different – their texture, the way they are cut, the way the edge feels as you rub your fingers on it while you read. I hope that the kids growing up today and the ones that will be born in the near future are not neglected from those privileges.

4 11 2009

I’m glad that there are people who care about the physical act of reading itself. It is a restful and therapeutic activity, and the feeling of paper in your hands plays a major role. It is important. I don’t see me ever going the way of the Kindle.

You haven’t said too much; you said it just right.

8 11 2009

I am great lover of books too. I have just begin my blogging experience with wordpress. I would like to know your top ten books. Kindly leave a list of them at


3 12 2009

I particularly like really old books. The kind the with the covers falling off of the bindings a bit a-skew and you have to turn each page like it’s the broken wing of a fallen bird. Leather-bound, hand-stamped, copyrighted-before-my-grandparents-could-walk, books.

4 12 2009

I love all those things and more =] second hand book shops are great, I love walking along the shelves running my hand along the books.

18 12 2009

It is soooo good to here your comments – they echo mine entirely. When I find a book I like I gobble it up – and am then back to having to find another!

27 12 2009

If you love books, I am starting a website called BuzWriter (buzwriter.com) where individuals who love to read can also review or comment on recent books they have read. I am also going to have discussion boards, public and private book club options. Check us out; we will be going live in Mid-Jan 2010.

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