Ruby Tuesday’s today

20 08 2008

Went out for lunch today with a few of the youth from Solid Rock, and it was heaps of fun. Awaitress accidentally dumped one of the burgers on me, and the ketchup went everywhere all over my lap so it looked like I’d had a serious lack of self control. The burger bounced off the table as if in slow motion, and the fries landed in my lap and beside me as well. The guy who sat beside me quickly and slickly scooped up some of the fries on the seat and put them into his plate. Heh. This is what it was supposed to look like:

At the end of it though, we had the burger and the dessert taken off our bill, so I’d taken “one for the team.”

Anyhow, when one of the youth prayed over the food, I was so touched by what he prayed for – normally at youth group he’s very friendly, and will talk, but doesn’t always seem totally comfortable – and so when he volunteered to pray, I was a little pleasantly surprised. But what he prayed for; that was the biggest and most pleasant surprise for me. He thanked God for bringing me to this school, and thanked Him for blessing them all and the school with being there and at Solid Rock, and I was so touched.

For me, the biggest and best moment was just that prayer, but the rest of the time was really great too, and I caught a glimpse of how youth ministry becomes mutually-edifying fellowship, because I was truly blessed by these fantastic people that God has made and so graciously allowed my life to be part of theirs.


I love that my room is the place where young people can be found after school. However, marking’s started to kick my ass so I’ll just have to keep on top of it all by doing it as soon as humanly possible. Getting one’s ass kicked by homework assignments is not a fun thing.




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