How’s this for being radical?

29 10 2008

This is the video I just finished watching while procrastinating from that paper that is due tomorrow. Oops, I mean later today. The story is incredible though – a woman buys a house that was foreclosed, and gives it back to its original owner. How’s that for radical? I caught myself thinking, “If only the world were more like this…” and then realised that we ARE the world. If we don’t change our lifestyles, and our mindsets, how could we possibly expect to see change??


It’s going to be a long, long week. I have class tomorrow night, and have to get there early as I’m meeting with the professor about speaking with Peter Chan, a pretty famous local director, about his film Going Home and so tomorrow’s going to end late, but then Thursday and Friday are Parent-Teacher Conferences, and I have 3 classes to teach the morning of Thursday, then it’s back to back conferences until nearly 8pm. Friday morning is a late start day, ish, and I have more interviews with parents, followed by Waiting For Godot in the evening. I am unbelievably psyched about that, so I better stay awake for it…!

I will be missing my bed tonight.




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