Basically, that’s the thing…

4 12 2008

I’ve been burned out and tired, stressed, frustrated and upset over the last week. I don’t know why, other than that I need to make a very, very tough decision. I don’t know what else to do about the situation, because I seem to have, again, misplaced my joy. I am very sick of feeling so sick all the time – not necessarily ill with a cold or something; just sick in the head with all the junk that goes on, with having to pack it all in deep and try to forget about it. And I think I’m done. I just have too much to do, is all… I really, really, really need to get my papers out of the way so I can start grading stuff I haven’t had a chance to grade. I am a terrible teacher, a worse youth leader, and an abysmal student at the moment. Man alive, I need my groove back. Summer of 09, perhaps…




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