A decision, finally…

3 01 2009

I’ve been struggling a lot recently with priorities and time management, and tonight, I finally announced at Solid Rock that I would be taking a break from the end of January until whenever my programme finishes. It was such a relief to have made a decision, but so, so painful. It was good to meet with James to talk about the whole lot at lunch. I am definitely glad for the weeks there are between the announcement and my last week at SR. I need to figure out my identity aside/apart from youth leadership, and I need to do it clearly. Who am I, and what do I need? Ah, life is so confusing sometimes. I caught myself wondering, at one point, whether it’s really even necessary for us to know who we are.

He said today that I need to make the best decision for myself, but how can I know what that is if I don’t know who “myself” is? If only things were as simple as they seem to be.




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