And another. And another. And another.

3 02 2009

Dissertation topic is due Wednesday. I’m so dead. I’m stressed about it because I have three related-ish topics that I am fascinated by, but am also quite anxious about who my supervisor could turn out to be. But that is secondary to this: what if I want to modify my topic, or change it completely? What then? And I only ostensibly have a couple of months to write it as there are the other 4 essays to do too (!!!) so what to do first should be my primary concern.

Also need to work out my plans for my Advisory group, and all the various other bigger pictures that need to get nutted out. And then this morning, I was called a youth pastor. Effectively, I’ve laid down SR youth to pick up my ICS youth more than I have before, and I feel humbled and honoured by this thought. If you’re the praying type, I would appreciate prayer for this; it’s an incredible privilege and massive challenge… may I be up to it. Thanks muchly! Over and out.




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