Wide awake on a Monday night

31 03 2009

Really, I should be deep into my R.E.M. sleep stage right now. I can’t fall asleep though – a) I couldn’t remember what I was going to be doing with my freshmen tomorrow morning (I’ve got them first thing) and since it’s Romeo and Juliet I’ve really got to have the stuff ready. No winging it. Not that I do, anyway, of course… But seriously, it’s fun to go through stuff I’ve got in my head already; b) my head hurts, as it’s been hurting for the last 3 weeks. I need to get it checked out, but I’m thankful that my vision isn’t blurred, so it can’t be anything serious, right? It’s not a stabbing kind of pain, but I do wish it would just bloody go away now. I’m trying to arrange my timetable so I can go, and not miss any work.

Never thought I’d say that, but okay… 🙂

I don’t know whether I’m scared or excited.




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23 04 2009

I’m taking it your a teacher? I’m a sophomore in school now. I know what you mean though with the worry, I’m a kind of class aid in my Enghish honors class, and I overlook the class like a teacher. It’s hectic, crazy and it makes you want to pull your hair out. The strange thing though, all this is coming out of the mouth of a 17 year old. lol. Hang in there, summers coming.

23 04 2009

Thanks, cynthiafaye1205 🙂 I feel very energised just thinking about summer, although when we break for the hols I’ll begin to focus on my thesis. The work of a teacher is never done…!

But I’m impressed that you’re a class aid. What are the biggest challenges that you face in this role? What do you love about it? Looking forward to hearing from you! 🙂

23 04 2009

Well I work mainly in an Honors English calss. I’m in the class as well but I help out the teacher as much as I can. It’s my favorite class. Mainly though I put up the word of the day, and help sory out papers, or other things that she needs help with. I run all sorts of errands for her and when she is absent I’m normally in charge of helping the substitute find all the papers she’s assigned, or to help explain the lesson. I’m only supposed to be in the standard class, but I was too smart fo it, so I asked to be placed in the honors. My main problem with my classes are, the disruptions of the students, and their lack of discipline. I try to help in all my classes but sometimes I let lose and as a fellow student chew out the class for interrupting those of us who want an education and tell them to just can it.

25 04 2009

Yes, I can understand how frustrating it can be sometimes, when learners in a classroom aren’t receiving the amount of attention or learning time they deserve. I got that when I was in college more, but now that I’m in Grad School it’s very different, and the learners are much more dedicated to learning. Hang in there – you’ll be rewarded with your diligence some day 🙂

28 04 2009

You’re lucky, today I had to play the bad student. The teacher wasn;t there and the subistute assigned the Cornell notes for the Julius Caesar movie. The class was so loud, that I didn’t hear a single word of the movie. We were supposed to compare and contrast the movie and the play. I just got sick of it and left my not along with the behavior notes that the sub had written. They’ll hate meutterly tomorow but I’m more concerned with my education and saving their skins from their stupidity than fearing what they think.—The only bad thing out of all this, is sometimes I think I have a superioriety complex against them. I don’t mean to, but I think you get what I feel about the issue. They can’t grasp the fact that what they do will have consequences that they don’t want to face.

28 04 2009

Well, it certainly sounds as though you know exactly what you want in
education, and that’s a very important thing. From my experience as a
learner and as an educator, it almost doesn’t make a difference who your
teacher is – what counts is the way you view yourself as a learner. How do
you learn? Do you learn better a particular way? Group work? Individual?
Sounds like the latter is what you prefer at times – I can agree totally
with that. Sometimes it’s just easier to do everything yourself. But that
can be a problem too as you end up overworking yourself and feeling crazily
burdened by the responsibilities you’ve taken on… balance…
How do you find Julius Caesar? One of my colleagues just finished teaching
it in her Junior-Senior class, and in mine, we’re doing King Lear. I love
the play, and I’m trying to think of ways to make it interesting for my
students too. The double plot and the whole filial piety thing are concrete
things that people can relate to so I’ve got lots to work with.

1 05 2009

Yeah I know what you mean. I like Julius Caesar alot really, I enjoy most of Shakespear’s writing. I learn more with visuals and practice on my own. You’re right I do pprefer individual work, but I quite enjoy working in small groups. I can tolerate more than 3 people in a group but preference wise I like 3 or less. I was told earlier by my World History teacher that I have great leadership skills, which I was surprised. I’m glad to know that though.

1 05 2009

I’m sure you’re a fantastic student-leader in the classroom (even if
you do lose your temper sometimes… :P) and an even better student to
teach! Just keep doing what you can to learn as much as you can.
Adults used to tell me highschool would be the best years of my life,
and I have to say I agree somewhat now that it’s been 8 (!) whole
years since I graduated from it.

2 05 2009

I agree I’ll miss these years greatly after graduation is over.

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