Overwhelmed with guilt. Could I have done more?

12 12 2009

At lunch today, I saw the four of them trail behind those two teachers who could be so supportive and loving, and it never even occured to me to pray for them, whatever the meeting they were going in to was going to be about. I overheard as I was leaving that they were in trouble, but I didn’t even consider these particular actions as possible consequences.

I should have been praying. I just should have been praying.


Goodbye Maranatha House

5 12 2009

Today we met for the last time at Maranatha House in the hills of precisely nowhere. The house has been in the service of the church since shortly after it first started, I believe, and has been the place where many youth got saved, where a lot of people grew up (my faith included) and just where a lot of memories were created. Then of course there’s the way God continuously met the needs of the church and provided again and again: cement, mode of transportation, tiles, even… And now, to just reject all of it…

I don’t have words to say how broken, frustrated and upset I feel at the lack of clarity, reasoning and general poor timing of this decision. I feel ashamed.

Goodbye, Maranatha House. Thank you.