I would cut her off

20 03 2010

Before I went to see On the Waterfront directed by Steven Berkoff tonight, I registered for the Master in Counselling, and it’s going to cost me an arm and a leg and perhaps even a kidney or two to pay for it. I’m really excited about it though; I think it’ll be really good for what I’m about to do, and where I want to go from here.

The play was very good, although the range of accents (which paralleled the range of immigrant accents one would expect from the docks) was a slight challenge to adjust to, and the portrayal of Edie was somewhat grating on the nerves, the sound, set, and not least of all the largely phenomenal acting were well worth the $480 ticket towards the centre of the 5th row. The beauty of the sheer inevitability of existence on the docks as the men lived and worked together was not lost; the sparse set constructed of a projected, changed Statue of Liberty and simple chairs emphasised the bleakness of their reality.

On a completely different note though, I came to the realisation tonight, as I was talking to him, that if I had a choice, I really would completely cut her out of my life without any hesitation. I am done with this crock of crap.




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