Counselling: session 1

1 04 2010

On the bus on my way back home, reflecting on the counselling session I just finished.

The counsellor was sympathetic but not afraid to berate too when the time was right. She gave me room to speak and vent but also shared of her own life lessons, when appropriate.

Welcome advice. Being able to talk about problems with and not being afraid of judgement and prior knowledge etc was a releasing, wonderful thing. At the same time, I guess one doesn’t go to counselling unless one is interested in going. That sounds like a flip statement, but it’s also very real: it would certainly have been a very different situation if I were being required to go. As it was, being there and being fully cognisant of issues I have helped the conversation.

It was humbling and beautiful to observe the work of a counsellor tonight. That I could be a part of this work too, eventually, is a significant, almost foreign thought. Next session in two weeks.




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15 04 2011
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