Counselling, to date…

25 10 2010

I started attending counselling sessions in April of this year, and a plethora of issues and hang-ups have been uncovered. I feel for the most part like I’ve become better.

In the back of my mind, as I wrote that, were the words “at hiding”.

Fundamentally, that sentiment is not true though, because I have found the counselling to be helpful and painful. And isn’t growth partly about pain too? In all of this, the biggest issue is one that I have yet to discuss, partly because it’s hard, and partly because I’m not sure to talk about it will help at all. Perhaps I need to attend more counselling sessions. But then again, the things that have changed feel so different, and I feel more whole.

I find sometimes that the more I write about myself, the more morose I become.

There is still a deep sense of dissatisfaction within me. I need more than this.

I am afraid to become the person who only ever talks about themselves.