“Because humans are so private”

17 04 2011

I woke up this morning with great excitement and energy. Today is not the day Jen and I go and sign a lease or whatever, but it’s the day we go and see a place we saw yesterday to verify a few things before making a decision on this village house that’s right next to the train station and shopping complex that is merely a 10-minute minibus ride away.

With all this excitement on the verge of happening, I finally fell asleep at around 2, and popped wide awake at 5:30 this morning. Coffee is the order of the day, yes, but I’ve got my giddy anticipation to keep me going.

I also downloaded and installed an app this morning called beaTunes to help analyse the bpm of my songs. Man, I need a decent playlist to work out to; I’m currently listening the crap out of Fall of Troy, Family Force 5, and AC/DC.

Wow. 2 completely unbeneficial blog posts this week to make up for my failure to maintain the PostAWeek2011 challenge…




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