Being surprised by joy and feeling blessed

21 04 2011

I have been ruminating on the offhanded comment that she made the other day as we drove to the shopping complex to park our car before going to look at the house. Her words were to the effect that she had been asking the influential Shatin man to keep his eyes open for a suitable house near where I work. The joy that I felt when she said that was so sudden that I, like so much literature, caught my breath.

All of a sudden, I could no longer see her as being overprotective, or manipulative, but as a small glimmer of hope.

If I have been misinterpreting the actions I’ve grown up with for so long, I suspect my heart truly will break.

And then, of course, there have been the emails throughout today that have repeatedly offered me things that I may need in establishing a household of my own, and I have felt very loved and provided-for by the only One who truly matters.

Being home from work has given me too much time to think about the many things that have crowded in on me in recent days. I need to run all of this energy off.




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