A little reassurance

26 04 2011

When I got home after signing the lease, I told him what it looked like and how it’s around 10 steps to make it to the house itself. When he heard that, he jokingly said, “I suppose you don’t want me to come to visit you then,” and I felt very upset. One day last week, when we were finally alone, I held his hand as I told him how unhappy that little joke had made me, as I was always going to want his company, and he squeezed my hand. The quick squeeze he gave me was full of reassurance for me, and my heart calmed for the first time in a week.

Added to that the fact that I seem to have approval from everyone about this move, together with the offers of furniture and appliances, and I’m feeling very, very blessed.

I know that it’s always easier to praise God in the good times, but I have been shown something about Him I hadn’t been witness to, or expectant of, for a while now, and I am again in awe of His goodness.





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