Recent joy and rediscovery – an old draft

6 07 2012

The day before I came home after the Lunar New Year break, M and I went and parked the car to take a bus to Causeway Bay. Shortly before we boarded the bus, however, we got a call saying that we didn’t need to go anymore, so we were at a bit of a loss as to what to do. What we ended up doing, thus, was an extra surprise and joy for me because it was something that I had always loved to do as a teenager: hop on the next bus that comes.

We ended up taking the 49X to Tsing Yi, getting off finally in Tsuen Wan and walking around the old streets with mama-papa stores, a relic of days gone by. Around every corner was a McDonald’s, a cosmetics chain, or a convenience store, hinting at the rising costs of rent and the state of things to come…

Walking through the streets, passing by stores covered in signs and posters saying, “Going out of business. Everything on sale!” was saddening but the reality of the culture of Hong Kong.

All in all, a day of joy, renewed hope in a relationship with M, and despair too – the flavour of the city is being lost to commercialism. It’s something to think about: what do we leave the next generations, except from generic stores and brands that represent what the world has, and none of the old stores that are family-run.

That is, it’s something to think about until one hops on the next bus that comes. Another adventure, another cause for concern.