Unloading part 2

21 09 2012

The news, when it came, was a shock, although the worst case scenario was always a possibility. But who is to say what that even means? Perhaps this is for the best; it’s just difficult to see it as such because the wound is so fresh, and so painful. Giddy anticipation, too-brief reality, and the impending goodbye, are difficult to face when there’s been little sleep and still less distance to reevaluate and consider. This could be the end of that chapter, but the start of something else. The problem is just that with everything else that has been happening recently, it’s hard to cope all at once.

I need perspective, and distance. And time to process all of it.

Unloading: a rough poem

15 09 2012

Time stolen. Intensity. Breathlessness.
Glances. Unbidden tears. Wide smiles.
A too-small space, with closeness forced.
Closed eyes, open ears, full but wondering mind.

The difficulty was always holding back,
Staying in the present,
Not letting things get ahead of themselves.
But the frustration is constant, often.


Knowing so much and yet so little
It’s dragging me down
Squeezing me shut
Wringing me out

A decision will need to be made —
The passion too soon to fade.