I am a child of God, just trying to love. I make mistakes but I’ll try to live my life loving God, loving people, and following Jesus.

I love to hang out with youth, read, and talk.

I write as I see, but I’m not always right.

“We have to see life for what it is, entirely more complicated than simple. Spirituality is not simple; it’s complicated. It gets messy sometimes.”
– Mike Yaconelli

I need to remind myself of this all the time.

Below is a list of things that make me happy:

  • God;
  • Jesus;
  • When I have a strong urge to read the Bible;
  • Solid Rock;
  • Church;
  • Knowing that I’m safe;
  • Being with people who have stories;
  • Meaningful conversations with good friends;
  • Bouncy rubber balls;
  • Books of any kind;
  • Funny movies, TV series, comics, slogans or T-shirts;
  • Fresh water;
  • Shakespearean theatre/drama;
  • Clearing out my To-Do list;
  • Nice stickers;
  • Warm jackets when it’s cold;
  • Listening to a good CD;
  • Umbrellas when it’s raining;
  • Shopping for useful stuff;
  • Good friends;
  • Knowing that I’m redeemed;
  • My family;
  • The sun on a cold, or any other, day;
  • Chewy brownies;
  • Driving when I’m not in a hurry;
  • A warm bed when it’s cold;
  • A cool bed when it’s hot;
  • Spiky hair;
  • Hearing a song I haven’t heard in a long time;
  • Colourful running shoes;
  • Dogs playing;
  • Sir David Attenborough;
  • A good, functional bag; 
  • Monty Python; 
  • Rest; and
  • other things I’ll add on here when I remember.

Who are you, and what makes you happy?


2 responses

25 12 2008

i liked your thinking very much.

30 03 2009

I love your site. Keep it up !

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