Unloading: a rough poem

15 09 2012

Time stolen. Intensity. Breathlessness.
Glances. Unbidden tears. Wide smiles.
A too-small space, with closeness forced.
Closed eyes, open ears, full but wondering mind.

The difficulty was always holding back,
Staying in the present,
Not letting things get ahead of themselves.
But the frustration is constant, often.


Knowing so much and yet so little
It’s dragging me down
Squeezing me shut
Wringing me out

A decision will need to be made —
The passion too soon to fade.


There was something amazing

8 08 2008

I was watching the Olympics opening ceremony, and goosebumps broke out along my arms countless times – just witnessing the patriotism for every country, and the sense of anticipation, that is the fruition of years of practice and preparation… it was awe-some.

We went out to Crossroads International today for the faculty bonding time, and it was an intense time. I felt so humbled, so ashamed, afterwards…

It was the slums experience, where you are simulating the daily life of slum-dwellers, who make paper bags and sell them for a living. And because I am so exhausted right now, I am not doing the experience justice. I’ll write more about it tomorrow.