Today, I chose

16 03 2009

Feeling somewhat sick the whole day does not result in a constructive day by any stretch of the imagination. But I still hate it when students ask what I’ve graded, because there is always so much work (preparing, researching, writing amongst the many other things that I do in this stage of my life which, incidentally, makes eternity seem like the “jiffy” we often employ) that needs to be done. It’s sickening how much there is that needs to be done every day, and it really just makes me angry when they imply that I’ve done nothing because I haven’t finished grading one of their assignments. What do you do in a situation like that though? Respond or not? Honesty? Excuses? What?

Note to self: there are bigger issues at play here.

I literally salivate at the thought of resting during Spring Break. People have been asking about my plans, and my response is simple, heartfelt:

Met with my dissertation supervisor this afternoon, and found him to be humorous and very intelligent. Intimidatingly so. His background is in music in film, which sounds very interesting, and he said that the university needs a popular music scholar and I fantasized for a split second. It’s a good thing that I’m scared though as I’ll feel like I’m more accountable. Deadlines have been set: a complete bibliography by April 15, and an outline by May 15. But he was right – I need to sort out exactly what band I’ll be writing about and then going from there. I went and bought every CD I could find that was relevant and perhaps important, then came home to dinner and a slight bout of depression. Such is life.


Never before

15 03 2009

Since I became a teacher, I have been getting catching colds/bouts of the flu with increasing frequency, like every 6 weeks or so, I’m down with a cold for 3 days or something. I hate this aspect of the job, I really do.

On the up side, I’ll be doing better next year as I’ll be done with studying… just finished a midterm paper today, and so am feeling good in spite of the pouring sinuses and blastifying sneezes and foghorn-sounding blowing of the nose.

Why am I blogging when what I really should be doing is sleeping??

Ah, tell me.

4 02 2009

The exhaustion has to fade at some point, right! It can’t go on like this, surely.

Class was on narrative and cultural identity, on overcoming modernity. I managed to get most of the readings done, and emailed the prof my comments before class. What’s the point to some of the things we do, I wonder.

And the news is saying a 24 year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of having murdered those 4 sex workers in the past several weeks. It’s not enough that they’re regarded as lower than low; the women have to worry about the loss of their very lives. God, it just infuriates me. What is the problem with this world???

And another. And another. And another.

3 02 2009

Dissertation topic is due Wednesday. I’m so dead. I’m stressed about it because I have three related-ish topics that I am fascinated by, but am also quite anxious about who my supervisor could turn out to be. But that is secondary to this: what if I want to modify my topic, or change it completely? What then? And I only ostensibly have a couple of months to write it as there are the other 4 essays to do too (!!!) so what to do first should be my primary concern.

Also need to work out my plans for my Advisory group, and all the various other bigger pictures that need to get nutted out. And then this morning, I was called a youth pastor. Effectively, I’ve laid down SR youth to pick up my ICS youth more than I have before, and I feel humbled and honoured by this thought. If you’re the praying type, I would appreciate prayer for this; it’s an incredible privilege and massive challenge… may I be up to it. Thanks muchly! Over and out.

How’s this for being radical?

29 10 2008

This is the video I just finished watching while procrastinating from that paper that is due tomorrow. Oops, I mean later today. The story is incredible though – a woman buys a house that was foreclosed, and gives it back to its original owner. How’s that for radical? I caught myself thinking, “If only the world were more like this…” and then realised that we ARE the world. If we don’t change our lifestyles, and our mindsets, how could we possibly expect to see change??


It’s going to be a long, long week. I have class tomorrow night, and have to get there early as I’m meeting with the professor about speaking with Peter Chan, a pretty famous local director, about his film Going Home and so tomorrow’s going to end late, but then Thursday and Friday are Parent-Teacher Conferences, and I have 3 classes to teach the morning of Thursday, then it’s back to back conferences until nearly 8pm. Friday morning is a late start day, ish, and I have more interviews with parents, followed by Waiting For Godot in the evening. I am unbelievably psyched about that, so I better stay awake for it…!

I will be missing my bed tonight.

Term paper 2 out of 3

10 05 2008

1599 words and counting.

Death by term paper

4 05 2008

I’ve been writing the term paper for Cinema and Popular Culture for the whole weekend, almost, and am nearly finished. But that’s the thing, right, it gets more difficult as you get nearer the finishing line.

Mostly because there’s so much to explore on the Internet. Hah!