3 01 2013

For the first time ever, I had to skip a Nine Inch Nails song tonight. First time EVER. What is going on?!

And another thing: I caught myself smiling at a small child today. Umm… okay.

I must be going soft.

The whole thing with R is giving me a headache, but there was the other M (1: 12.20), and J (1.1-2) respectively, so life is colourful at the moment, to say the least. 1.16 will be quite a day, as it will be after 1.15, which is the PT. Maybe R will join me in Bangkok, maybe not. We will see.

Must not forget.

The move home wasn’t as tragic as I thought it would be – having all chores done by the helper, all meals cooked by M, and company has all made this easier, although the sight of the poor house quiet and empty was quite painful to me. Never mind. Things will be easier next time.


Always trying to live it up

17 04 2011

I was wrong. We ended up signing a lease after all. It’ll be an adventure.

Image by tiffanyanne3

“Because humans are so private”

17 04 2011

I woke up this morning with great excitement and energy. Today is not the day Jen and I go and sign a lease or whatever, but it’s the day we go and see a place we saw yesterday to verify a few things before making a decision on this village house that’s right next to the train station and shopping complex that is merely a 10-minute minibus ride away.

With all this excitement on the verge of happening, I finally fell asleep at around 2, and popped wide awake at 5:30 this morning. Coffee is the order of the day, yes, but I’ve got my giddy anticipation to keep me going.

I also downloaded and installed an app this morning called beaTunes to help analyse the bpm of my songs. Man, I need a decent playlist to work out to; I’m currently listening the crap out of Fall of Troy, Family Force 5, and AC/DC.

Wow. 2 completely unbeneficial blog posts this week to make up for my failure to maintain the PostAWeek2011 challenge…