Phuket, Thailand blogging

25 06 2009

Click here for the link to a blog I spent today working on for next year’s Advanced Composition students’ first assignment. When I really should have been writing my dissertation. I honestly do everything I can to avoid the compulsory. It’s pathetic! Maybe tomorrow will be more productive.

I always find inspiration in Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt” though.


Another take on Indiana Jones

24 06 2008

Just killing time online this morning before I settle down to do some marking. Marking silly, repetitive exam papers is the bane of my existence.

Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Wheelchair.

Found the image above whilst procrastinating as well as this, and this. Ahh, sweet Internet. You are a good friend.

A song.

17 01 2008

It’s a quiet day at work today because all the middle managers have gone out for a seminar/workshop/conference or something along those lines. Marking takes on a whole new perspective when there’s no perceived pressure. Air1 played a song that really touched me this morning – ‘Believe’ by Mainstay:

I don’t know if I still have the strength to get up again
I don’t know if I can face my own reflection
Jesus, take this heart that feels so cold again and make it new

I hold this hope inside that you’ll never leave me

When all around me starts to fall and when my faith it seems so small
Even in my darkest hour, I will believe
Even if the sun begins to fall, even when I feel nothing at all
Even if I’m all alone, I will believe

I don’t know how I could turn my back and walk away
All I really want is for your love to hold me
Jesus, take this heart and make it whole again


I know you’ll never leave me

It’s beautiful and speaks to me this morning because so much of what we go through in daily life fluctuates with our mood. If we choose to believe that the impossible can happen, things will happen in this world that are unimaginable. If we each take the plight of the world into our hands and strive for justice, mercy and forgiveness, it will happen. It can’t not.

I found this on Google Images this morning, while procrastinating. What do you think of it?