Something to consider, given the circumstances

28 10 2009

Erica Jong once wrote, “Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t.”

As I’m sitting at my desk staring at my dissertation, which is nearly but not quite finished, I am depressed by this thought especially given everything that’s been happening recently. Why is life so contradictory?



I know nothing about cars

14 10 2009

I was on my way to work when 2nd gear broke down for me. I drove the whole way in 3rd and may have killed my car as a result. It’s at the garage, recuperating… I suck.


To completely change the subject, I can’t wait until this dissertation is over and done with. What I could do is really work on it, instead of procrastinating and blogging about how much I want it to be over. Instead, I spent 4 hours this evening with a friend, playing with her son and generally just catching up. 4 HOURS. It was good though; I’m getting close to forgetting what it’s like to have friends that aren’t a decade younger than me.

I have to admit though that I’m starting to feel a little guilty about not blogging on a somewhat-regular basis. Of all the semi-resolutions I made at the beginning of the year, this is the only one that I’m even moderately working on. What is the deal about resolutions that they’re so easily abandoned? What is the point of them?

Obviously these questions are more rhetorical than anything; I just can’t understand myself sometimes.

And then there’s the irrational mood-swings I’ve been having lately. If I were older, I’d just use menopause as an excuse. But of course I don’t even have that. Jeeez.

Quote of the day

28 06 2009

Bertrand Russell once said,  “To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.” As I grow older, I find the truth of that statement more and more obvious. But first, I believe, we need to know what our fear is. To some, just knowing what it is is already the first step to conquering it.


On a side note, and to continue this current moment of procrastination as I’m sitting at my desk having started to nut out an introduction I’m actually happy with: If you blog on WordPress, you know that there’s a bit to the side that lets you include tags to your blog posts. I have always used tags, although I don’t know why, but the size of the tag increases according to how many times it’s been mentioned on your blog.

I’m not liking the fact that “work” is the biggest one, and God is the second.

If it were like that

27 06 2008

I’m watching episode 5 of Reaper right now because I’ve finished everything else and I’m really bored. Since I got in this morning, I also spent 23 minutes watching the loading bar for the songs I’d chosen to transfer to my phone. It’s now only 86MB free, as opposed to 500 something. 23 minutes. Seriously.

And THEN I went through my iPod and updated my music on there. Sad to say this, but I really want pop today. I’ve been listening to Matchbox Twenty. Hmm… I am that bored.

But it’s not like I didn’t do any work – I prepped for the huge checking session this afternoon with Word and banged off a lot of ideas and points they should make note of. It was boring-as.

*And now I’m on episode 6. This is what post-exam activities days are like.


8 05 2008

They say when everything is interesting, nothing is. I think for the most part, that’s very true – there’s too much that demands our attention at any given moment, too many things to do, see and think about, which means that our attention is spread thin, distributed to as many different things at the same time as possible. Which in turn means we can’t focus on anything at all.

Just something I’m thinking about from being distracted again and again by everything except the paper.


Death by term paper

4 05 2008

I’ve been writing the term paper for Cinema and Popular Culture for the whole weekend, almost, and am nearly finished. But that’s the thing, right, it gets more difficult as you get nearer the finishing line.

Mostly because there’s so much to explore on the Internet. Hah!


I wish I was there

3 05 2008

I’m at home right now, chatting with a couple of people on MSN, and it’s not anything against them, but I’m wishing really really that I was at Solid Rock instead of procrastinating cum writing my Cinema term paper.

I’m sad now.

But hopefully I’ll get a lot of work done during my free periods this week and be able to make next Saturday! And hopefully even church…!

I can’t wait till I graduate. Sometimes I don’t know if it was a fantastic idea, or an awful one to do my Masters degree part-time.