If it were like that

27 06 2008

I’m watching episode 5 of Reaper right now because I’ve finished everything else and I’m really bored. Since I got in this morning, I also spent 23┬áminutes watching the loading bar for the songs I’d chosen to transfer to my phone. It’s now only 86MB free, as opposed to 500 something. 23 minutes. Seriously.

And THEN I went through my iPod and updated my music on there. Sad to say this, but I really want pop today. I’ve been listening to Matchbox Twenty. Hmm… I am that bored.

But it’s not like I didn’t do any work – I prepped for the huge checking session this afternoon with Word and banged off a lot of ideas and points they should make note of. It was boring-as.

*And now I’m on episode 6. This is what post-exam activities days are like.