A photo call parade

3 08 2012

Whatever a photo call parade is, a picture showed up on my Facebook newsfeed this afternoon:

The caption was “Abercrombie & Fitch the Hottest guys photo call parade” 當一眾火辣男模現身時,過百市民尖叫聲震遍整個中環!

The promotional activity just struck me as being very superficial, and very typical of Hong Kong, where appearance is everything, with the city’s deep-seated mentality of how anything that originates from a huge conglomerate that may or may not be the socially-conscious, societally-responsible corporation it makes itself out to be, must be good, because it’s foreign, and different.

Being more socially- and environmentally aware has meant some lifestyle changes for me, and knowing that it would defeat the purpose of change, I have elected not to throw clothes away that I purchased from a corporation before knowing about their practices. Reading blogs about green lifestyles and other topics about conservation has been a productive and very engaging use of my summer. I feel motivated and more educated about how I can leave the world a better place by doing the work of one person.


The last couple of days

5 09 2008

Some incredible stuff has happened, and some not-so-incredible.


  • God is just majestic. We had worship in devotions this morning, and the songs just blessed my heart. There’s so much that young people can do, even if it’s as though everyone has expectations of them. This was the song that opened the set, and it just moved me powerfully:

  • Lyrics here. The guy who’s in this video looks like Kurt Cobain, no? An added bonus.

  • How I’ve had just enough energy for the things I need to do, and not more, but, more importantly, not less. I’ve had sporadic sleep since the beginning of the semester, and with uni starting up this past week as well, it’s been pretty intense, with the prospect of more to come later on.
  • God has just had His hand on my relationships, and I’ve really seen healing and His work on them.
  • Classes have started at uni, and although I was dog-tired when I came home the two nights, I really learned a lot in the lectures and I look forward to the assignments (even though I’m almost beyond 50% sure I’ll regret this feeling later on as deadlines creep up on me… that said, I do know what I want to write on for my dissertation, which is a blessed relief. All that remains then is for the topic to be approved).


  • Not being able to blog kind of drives me nutty with the various different things I mean to write about, but which I forget to do. So yes. Not so great.
  • The lack of sleep. It’s constant, and on some days, I have no idea where the energy I have comes from. It could only be God. Which then makes this point not really not-so-incredible… but oh well.

So all things considered, not a bad week, even if I did get blown off by a friend I had expected to meet up with. It was a nice evening though, just hanging out.

I’m listening to John Mayer right now. Ahh, love.